Video Support, Workflow Tutorials, 3D Viewer Speedup, Labeling Integration, UX Improvements

Native 2D Video Support

  • Ingest and export videos via API or GUI, query and curate video data, debug model predictions, and review video annotations
  • The Nucleus detailed viewer has new dedicated playback functionality for 2D video content
  • Easily integrate Nucleus datasets with Scale video annotation projects
  • Check out a public video dataset here

Updated Workflow Guides

  • We have uploaded a series of mini-workflow guides to our documentation. Check them out here!
  • The guides are structured around specific problems that you can solve in Nucleus, like finding problematic annotations, mining rare edge cases or understanding object class distribution
  • All guides have a step by step explanation as well as a short video demonstrating the workflow

Upgraded 3D Viewer Experience

  • We added compression and progressive buffering to massively speed up scene load times and make it easier to explore the sequence in detail
  • We implemented accelerated playback and several other backend improvements which improve the speed and experience of visualizing 3D data in Nucleus

Improved Integration Between Scale Annotation Projects and Scale Nucleus

  • Any data uploaded for annotation in Scale Rapid is now automatically synchronized with Nucleus
  • When annotation tasks are completed or updated, labels will update automatically in Nucleus
  • Users can now query annotation task attributes in Nucleus such as creation or completion date

New UX for Filtering, Data Selection, and Custom Display Settings

  • Filter results with visual search facets like classes of interest or model confidence ranges
  • A new Display menu lets you customize display settings. For example, when viewing objects in the Nucleus grid, you can now zoom in and out of the underlying image to adjust the padding around each object.
  • Select or deselect all images and take actions on selected data from a unified Select drop down
  • Shift-click on thumbnails in the image grid to bulk select multiple images at a time, option-click anywhere on a thumbnail (even outside the checkbox) to select it

Scene level metadata

  • For sequence data sets, you can now see scene level metadata in the sidebar in detail view
  • This enables users to find information like the scenario reference or related task ID for frame that is part of a scene

Large Slice Creation

  • We improved the asynchronous creation of slices, which enables users to create very large slices easier and faster