Scene & Object Slices, Slice Page, Query Selected Items


🍕 Scene & Object Slices

In addition to image slices, Nucleus now supports scene and object slices as well. Slice type is automatically determined whenever a slice is created based on the selected items. This is especially useful when you need to curate over specific data levels e.g. objects for model debugging.
See various slice types on BDD100K →


📄 Slices Page

We have introduced a slice page to easily find and access slices within a dataset. You can open this page by clicking on “Slices” in the sidebar. Within the slice page you can easily search based on slice names and click on a slice card to view the data. You can also view the slices as a list which is helpful if you have lots of slices and want to sort by various attributes.
See the slice page on BDD100K →


✅ Query Selected Items

Nucleus now allows you to query selected items. To do this you can use the “Query Selected Scenes / Images / Objects” option from “X Selected” dropdown after selecting items of interest. This is especially useful if you want to get to one data level based on another e.g. get parent scenes or images for all selected objects.
Try out “Query Selected” on Pandaset →


What else is new?

✏️ Edit Slice Name

Nucleus now allows you to edit slice names after they have been created. To do this you can simply go to the slice page, navigate to the slice of interest and use the edit icon on the card.

🆕 Improved Autotag Page

We have rearranged the detail view of autotag, so now when you open an autotag you have vertically scrollable grids for both manual negatives and manual positives. We have also made significant performance improvements such that this page should load much faster now.