Scenes Tab, Continuous Indexing, Pay-As-You-Go, Live Chat

Scenes Tab

  • We now support native for scenes (sequences) next to the previously supported images and objects.
  • This enables users to query on sequence level and switch seamlessly between scenes, images and objects when visualizing and curating data in Nucleus.
  • Learn more about how to upload scenes to Nucleus here.

Continuous Indexing

  • Continuous indexing is now enabled for all new datasets. Any time you upload images to the dataset, we will asynchronously generate internal embeddings for those images.
  • This does not slow down image ingest since the embedding generation is not blocking.
  • This enables Autotag and Similarity Search features for your dataset.
  • To disable continuous indexing, or enable it for older datasets, use the API.

Pay-As-You-Go and Consumption Dashboard

  • We newly enable fully self-service usage of Scale Nucleus. Just sign up with a credit card and start managing your ML datasets.
  • We introduced a new consumption dashboard that helps you keep track of your usage of Nucleus and the associated costs incurred.
  • Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more about our pricing options!

Live Chat

  • We added a live support function to help you get in touch with our team whenever you get stuck!
  • You can always check our documentation for guides and common questions.