Create Dataset From Project


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    project_id: str,
    last_n_tasks: int,
    name: str
) -> Dataset

If you already have Annotation, SegmentAnnotation, VideoAnnotation, Categorization, PolygonAnnotation, ImaageAnnotation, DocumentTranscription, LidarLinking, or LidarAnnotation projects with Scale, use this endpoint to import your project directly into Nucleus.

You'll need to specify your Scale project_id and the number of tasks that you want to ingest.

By default, the name of your Dataset will be the same as your project's name, and will ingest all tasks (both pending and completed) into the resulting dataset. You can override these defaults by using the specified request parameters.

This endpoint is asynchronous because it is possible to have a delay when the number of tasks is larger than 1000. As a result, the endpoint returns the job_id of an AsyncJob, which you can use to check the job's status (and any errors) via the Check Async Job endpoint.

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