Introduction to Nucleus

Scale Nucleus is a developer-first product with a REST API.

Here for the first time? Check out some of our quickstart guides:

We recommend interacting with the Nucleus API using our Python SDK. Check out our SDK Reference for more information on usage.

You can also find our REST API reference in this section if you would prefer to interact directly with the API, e.g. via cURL.

pip install scale-nucleus
curl "{{endpoint}}" ...

Next, you'll need an API key. Please refer to our docs on Authentication for more information.

Once you have your API key, you can start interacting with the Nucleus API:

import nucleus

client = nucleus.NucleusClient("<<your_scale_api_key>>")
curl "" \
  -u "<<your_scale_api_key>>:"
# The colon prevents cURL from asking for a password.