Export Autotag Items

Use the Dataset.autotag_items method to export the individual items and their Autotag scores from an existing Autotag of an indexed Dataset.

import nucleus
client = nucleus.NucleusClient("YOUR_SCALE_API_KEY")
dataset = client.get_dataset("YOUR_DATASET_ID")
dataset.autotag_items("YOUR_AUTOTAG_NAME", for_scores_greater_than=-0.5)

You can optionally supply a lower bound on the Autotag score to increase the precision of the exported items; default is 0. All Autotag scores are normalized to the range [-1, 1].

This will return a set of items tagged by the Autotag represented by their reference ID with their Autotag score. The dataset item can then be fetched using the Dataset.refloc API.

Export Training Items

Use the Dataset.autotag_training_items method to export the user-selected positives used to train the Autotag (from refinement).


You can export items for both image and object level Autotags.