Review and Fix Bad Annotations

Visually review & flag items with bad annotations


Nucleus allows ML teams to easily QA their annotations to decide what items to redo. This is particularly helpful for teams having QA ops people who are dedicated to check annotation quality.

Pre-reqs: Private Dataset, Annotations


  1. Navigate to your dataset containing annotations
  2. Type a query to limit grid view to items of interest e.g. timeofday = night
  3. Click on a specific item to open the detail view
  4. Turn on annotations by clicking on the “Ground Truth” view icon in the sidebar
  5. Hovering over each entry in the sidebar will also highlight the relevant annotation
  6. Choose to limit the visualization to specific classes using the class view icon
  7. Visually review the annotation, use zoom & pan controls to dive deeper
  8. Click “Review Ground Truth” button on the top left
  9. Click a thumbs up or thumbs down icon (or use y / n keys) to record the review
  10. Continue to the next item & repeat. Continue until all items are reviewed
  11. Use the “metadata.review_status = rejected” query to retrieve rejected items
  12. Add these items to a slice and send to annotation for fixing!