Send to Labeling

You can send the items contained in a Slice to an existing Scale/Rapid labeling project (specified by project ID) using Slice.send_to_labeling.

import nucleus
client = nucleus.NucleusClient("YOUR_SCALE_API_KEY")
slc = client.get_slice("slc_123foobar")


Once the newly created Scale labeling tasks are Completed, the corresponding items in Nucleus will have their annotations updated automatically.

Nucleus currently supports General Image Annotation, General Video Annotation, and Lidar Cuboid Annotation projects. In order for task submission to succeed, the project must have task instructions (and geometries) configured as project-level parameters. For information about how to set project parameters, please reference the Scale Annotation API Documentation.

Particularly when sending lidar or video scenes for annotation from Nucleus, the Slice must include all contituent items of each scene. Each scene will be sent as its own task (e.g. Slice with 6000 items total for 10 scenes will result in 10 tasks being created).

For Rapid projects, the user can choose to submit the Slice as a calibration batch — this is recommended for brand new labeling projects. For more information on calibration batches, please refer to Overview of Self Serve Workflow. Note: A batch can be either a calibration batch or a self label batch, but not both.

In terms of geometric annotations, Nucleus only supports bounding box, polygon, line, and cuboid annotations. If the project parameters specify any other geometries (ellipses or points), the objects will still be annotated but they will not flow back into Nucleus.