Metadata Queries

Metadata Query Examples

“Show me images from the rear camera, at night time, taken while traveling between 50 and 75 miles per hour” = "rear" AND metadata.timeofday = "night" AND metadata.speed_mph >= 50 AND metadata.speed_mph <= 75

“Show me every 5th image from this video sequence”

metadata.sequence_id = "abcdef" AND metadata.frame_number % 5 = 0

“Show me all images whose annotations I have rejected using Nucleus”

metadata.review_status = "rejected"

“Show me all images that I have not QA’ed in Nucleus using the ‘Review Ground Truth’ featurer”

metadata.review_status != "rejected" AND metadata.review_status != "accepted"

Metadata Query - Details

Query based on user-defined metadata at the dataset item level. User-defined metadata is specified during dataset item upload. Additionally, some fields of user-defined metadata can be created from the Nucleus UI. Currently, the only such field is review_status, which is created and set to either accepted or rejected whenever you thumbs-up or thumbs-down an image after clicking “Review Ground Truth” in the single-image viewer.

To query based on annotation-level metadata, see

Annotations. Querying on prediction-level metadata is currently not supported.

Metadata field values can have three types: numerical, categorical, and text. See the full metadata documentation for details.

metadata.Prefix for all user metadata based queries
metadata.[field_name]The value of this user-defined metadata attribute
metadata.review_statusIf defined, either accepted or rejected. This field is automatically created when you use the “Review Ground Truth” feature when looking at a single Nucleus image.