Save & Share Data Subsets

Create persistent subsets of data for exploration, sharing, tacking & more


A core functionality of Nucleus is the ability to save subsets of data in so-called slices. This enables you to create custom sets to analyze, query, share with colleagues or send to annotation.

Pre-reqs: Dataset


  1. Open dataset
  2. (Optionally perform any type of query)
  3. Select data items individually or using the “X Selected” drop down in the top right
  4. Use the “Slice” menu or the “ X Selected” drop down menu (both top right) to add items to an existing slice or create new slice
  5. Name the new slice or select the name of the existing slice in the dialog
  6. The new slice will appear in the left navigation bar as a sub-element of the dataset for which you created the slice
  7. Click on the newly created or updated slice
  8. You can use the URL in the browser bar to share this subset of data with colleagues or get back to it at a later time
  9. You can also use the slice name in queries now