Scale Metadata Queries

Scale Metadata Query

“Show me all images included in my Scale annotation project called Test Project”

scale_metadata.project_name = "Test Project"

“Show me all images that I submitted for annotation but are still pending”

scale_metadata.task_status = "pending"

“Show me the image with this particular task ID”

scale_metadata.task_id = "abcdef"

“Show me all tasks finished after January 1st, 2021”

scale_metadata.completed_at > 2021-01-01

“Show me all tasks where the audit status is rejected”

scale_metadata.audit_status = rejected

“Show me all tasks that have been accepted since June 2021”

scale_metadata.audit_status = accepted AND scale_metadata.completed_at > 2021-06-01

Scale Metadata Query - Details

Any dataset items in Nucleus that are imported from a Scale annotation project, or that are sent to an annotation project directly using Nucleus’s send-to-annotation feature, will have Scale metadata. Scale metadata can help you find images in Nucleus from a particular annotation project, task ID, or let you query based on task status.

scale_metadata.Prefix for all Scale-defined metadata, which is created from integration with labeling
scale_metadata.project_nameThe Scale annotation project name
scale_metadata.task_statusThe status of the Scale annotation task. Can be completed or pending.
scale_metadata.task_idThe ID of the Scale annotation task.
scale_metadata.completed_atTimestamp at which task was annotated (in UTC timezone).
scale_metadata.created_atTimestamp at which task was submitted (in UTC timezone).